Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Momma, Can We Go to Disneyland?"

Tomorrow, the price of admission to Disneyland goes up. The single day adult park-hopper is up $4.00 to a staggering $105.00. The annual pass I have in my wallet goes up 50 bucks to $379.00.  Seems like only yesterday it was 269 - oh wait a minute, that was 2008, only 3 years ago.

But Disney raises admission prices every year regardless of the economy, sometimes I think they do it twice a year. The summer price increase usually happens in August I believe. June is a bit early and a bit surprising. The suits at Disney are pretty sharp with the bean counting. If the high cost of admission starts keeping people away, they are really good at coming with a myriad of discount programs to keep the turnstiles humming and bank accounts flushed with cash.

But when I read about the price increases yesterday, I thought about kids - kids who see the countless commercials on TV that say "Come and enjoy a Disney park". So they asked their parents "Can we go to Disneyland?" And the parents, countless parents, who are dealing job loss, home foreclosures, dwindling bank accounts, depleted 401k's, saying "No we can't afford to go to Disneyland this year" and in the back of their minds the real thought is "maybe not ever".

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