Friday, June 17, 2011


I love mornings this time of year. Instead of getting out of bed to check the thermostat, turn up the heat, jump in a really hot shower, and grab the warmest sweat clothes I can find, it's all about shorts, t-shirts, and really comfortable footwear (maybe no footwear at all).  I especially love being at Disneyland on warm quiet mornings right when the park opens. Whether I'm staying at the Disneyland Hotel or some bargain inn out on Harbor Blvd., I love making that stroll to the park well before the countdown begins and the turnstiles start pumping the guests through. Please note: I usually make this before park opening walk by myself as Mrs. DisneylandTraveler is still back in the room sound asleep and sawing logs).

Everybody has their own favorite way of starting their Disney day. I have a couple. When I'm in a quiet reflective type mood, I will continue that walk right up Main St. and head over to the Market House to get a cup of what is the best coffee available in the park. It never disappoints and they always have a flavored blend of coffee along with the excellent standard blend. Good stuff here. Save the receipt - bring it back to get a free refill throughout the day (though really, who goes to Disneyland to drink coffee). I'll put in the cream and sugar (my mother would roll over in her grave at the thought of her Norwegian son drinking anything but straight up black coffee) then head right outside to that little alley way where the lockers are and grab a table. And there the day begins - enjoying the fresh brew, maybe checking out the current park brochure and showtime schedule, just planning the day ahead.

Little sound vignettes play every so often while sitting in this alley way. My favorite comes out of the facade of the Marceline Hotel where you hear a guest (I think its supposed to be Goofy) get up for his morning bathroom ritual. Really funny the first time you hear it and still pretty funny if you've heard it dozens of times.

And so with the last gulp of coffee, now wired with caffene, it is time to hit the park and run amok forgetting about all your best laid plans. First, better call Mrs. DisneylandTraveler back at the hotel though to see if she finally figured out what she's going to wear for the day.

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