Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just A Cuddly Bear Searching for Love

Duffy the Bear -  Duffy is the Tokyo Disney mega hit character that Disney here in the states has been trying to ram down our throats for a year of so now. Maybe its time to give it up. Notice something missing in the picture above? Cute bear - no people, no line of eager fans for the photo op with good ol' Duffy.  Across the way, the Mickey photo booth has kids of all ages lined up 20 deep.

Mrs. DisneyTraveler and I walked into adjacent merchandise store and there they were, a wall full of naked Duffy's and countless outfits available for additional cost to dress him in. My wife was tempted because he is kind of cute and then the math started.  We wouldn't be able to walk out of there for less than a $50 Duffy. Nope - can't do it. And there's the rub.  There is the cock and bull story that Disney gives that Duffy is Mickey & Minnie's personal stuffed teddy bear and you can have one for your very own. But when it comes down to it, the purpose of Duffy is to sell Duffy's and little else. He is kind of cute. Maybe there will be a 75% off clearance sale some day.

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