Saturday, June 18, 2011

Corn Dogs & Other Short Takes

I like that Disney is providing healthier options with your meals like sliced apples instead of potato chips with your corn dog. Somehow I get the feeling that by the time you ingest that corn dog, a small bag of chips just isn't going to matter anymore. The apples do help cut through the grease though......Which is the better corn dog, the Little Red Wagon on Main St. or Corn Dog Castle (newly re-opened) in DCA? I know people who swear by one or the other and that's the only corn dog place they will go to when they're at the park - corn dog snobs......

Speaking of food, when its warm, freshly made and all nice and toasty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, the infamous churro is a wonderful walk-around snack. But if you get one that's been sitting around awhile, well, they tend to go down hill fast......Disney castmembers are some of the finest workers and people you will ever encounter - but not all of them......Best bathroom in Disneyland? I'm leaning towards the ones at the Hungry Bear - spacious, clean, and well cared for by park custodians......The worst? New Orleans Square Railroad station runs neck and neck with the bathrooms at the Adventureland entrance.......Does any walk around park character make more appearance time than the Mad Hatter? That guy is everywhere all the time.

Is there any reason why the Fantasyland Skyway to Tomorrowland boarding station still exists? The ride has been gone for almost 20 years and its not coming back (unlike the People Mover, which I predict will come back some day)......Everyone told me I just had to go on the Jungle Cruise at night. I did. It's dark out there......The words 'Vinylmation' and 'abomination' are very similar.....I think I own 7 pins.

I need to take a shot at DCA before I close this post but it gets harder all the time - ElecTRONica, that's all I got.

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