Thursday, June 23, 2011

Join Together......With the Band

I'm a pretty fortunate guy. If you are of the religious persuasion, you might consider me blessed. In this day and age, I certainly I do. I have a pretty good job and make a pretty good income. I get to write things on our intranet sites (not internet - that's a bit different) and write technical documentation. I get to tell our employees about the future for which I am looked at as something approaching the grim reaper because in the end, I tell them they have to do more work with less people. And I do all this working in about a 7 foot by 7 foot cubicle, working 10 or 11 hours a day 4 days a week. The thing about cubicle life, there are no beams above to throw a noose over and there are no doors to slam when you want to walk out and quit.

In a previous job I had it kind of lucky, I had an a two person office, but company standards had the square footage below the standard two person office so they gave me a one and a half person office all to myself. But I digress.

So today, sitting in my cubicle purgatory, I think about what I want to write for my next Disneyland blog. Hey, I'm here hours on end in a cubicle, what would be my dream Disneyland job (excluding boss of the whole place)?

Certainly food service is out. Hereditary gave me what is called a benign familial tremor - my hands shake. Granted food service preparation in Disneyland isn't a very high calling unless you are a waiter or waitress at the Blue Bayou who probably rack in some pretty good tips. But getting the food to the guests without dumping plates of food in their lap would be problematical in my case. I inherited the tremor from my mother. She was a waitress all her life. How she did it, I have no clue.

I thought about working some of the great rides, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, IJA, Splash Mtn, or Space Mtn but somehow the words "How many in your party.....Row 3," didn't seem all that thrilling.

A monorail driver, that doesn't seem to0 bad but a lot of these castmembers with pretty good gigs usually end up running crowd control for fireworks or parades.

How about one of the guys dressed in black that set up Fantasmic. Some seem to work hard, others seem to hardly work at all. That doesn't seem to be too bad as long as heights weren't involved. Afraid of heights.

I thought about working Great Moments with Mr, Lincoln at the Disneyland Opera House. They are respectful for the duty they carry out with presenting the show. They seldom have to deal with rowdiness. They seldem have to deal with large crowds at all. Sometimes they stand out front and beg people to come in. The castmembers that are in Lincoln seem to really want to be there and are respectful of their surroundings and the Disney tradition. Their major edict to guests would probably be in the words "Please, don't touch that."

So what next? I don't think I have any musical talent but down deep, we all feel like Bruce Springsteen. It doesn't seem so bad to be playing in the Disneyland band. Again, the people that watch the band perform are usually around because they appreciate the tradition.  Musicians probably make a pretty good living and generally don't have to take any flack form anyone. The uniforms do seem to be a bit hot in the summer though.

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