Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Sledgehammered By TRON

I got a Netflix movie in the mail yesterday - TRON blu-ray edition. Not the recent TRON:Legacy movie, the family  watched that one a few weeks ago. The movie I received yesterday was the original 1982 TRON also enhanced with blu-ray HD technology.

Now, I'm old enough to semi-remember seeing the original TRON when it came out in the early 80's. As I recall, it was heavily promoted by Disney but not particularly well received by movie patrons. Interesting concept, technically advanced for the time, but in the end, a confusing muddled mess.

With all the hype surrounding TRON: Legacy last December when it was released, my plan was to see it in the theater probably in IMAX 3D. Unfortunately, my urologist thought it would be a better idea to remove part of my prostrate around that time so TRON:Legacy had to wait for the video release. My impression - same as the original TRON - Interesting concept, technically advanced, but in the end, a confusing muddled mess.

I'm not sure what the final bookkeeping will be for TRON:Legacy the movie. It is estimated that the movie cost about 165 million to make. I think the box office receipts went well above that world wide but when you take in the accounting for what it costs to promote a film, profitability gets a little questionable.

In our trip to the Disneyland Resort in March, my wife and I experienced ElecTRONica that takes place each weekend Disney California Adventure. Disney said I had to see it, just had to, since they send about 45 Twitter tweets a week saying if you want to be "with it", ElecTRONica was the place to be. It's something of a techno-street party with music, video, dancing, and, well the rest is kind hard to explain. My ultimate impression of ElecTRONica? - Interesting concept, technically advanced, but in the end, a confusing muddled mess.

Had TRON:Legacy been a huge success, the rumors were swirling that it could be imagineered into a featured attraction in Tomorrowland. Not sure if that is on the drawing board still or not. If it does make it let's hope it doesn't end up as an-  Interesting concept, technically advanced, but in the end, a confusing muddled mess.

As for me, I'll watch the original TRON again tonight but I already know what my impression will be. I've had enough of being sledgehammered over the head with TRON for the last 6 or 8 months. Just wish Disneyland would quit sending messages to my phone saying who this week's ElecTRONica DJ will be because I really don't care. Can't delete these tweets fast enough...

Oh, and before this blog segment ends I give you (well, actually, Mrs. Disneyland Traveler shot the video) - Laserman.

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