Monday, June 13, 2011

Disney Apologists

For many, the announced price increases to Disney theme parks is yes, a bit earlier than usual, and yes expected, and yes we'll pay it because it's Disney and we love everything Disney. These are the Disney apologists (and the Disney apologists websites), In their eyes, Disney can do no wrong until revisionist history proves them wrong.

But there websites, good websites, that give a Disney perspective from all sides - MousePlanet and MiceChat are the two that immediately come to mind - even if it doesn't swing with the company line. The price increase sucks. It hurts consumers in an economy that has already hurt people in a very big way. At least be honest about it.

Hey, Disney apologists (and you know who you are), the line starts over there. The rest are trying to save, scrimp, plot, and scheme ways to come up with the money to get into the park we love.

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