Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uh-Oh! When $$$'s Meet Art

That didn't take long. I saw the first review for Car 2 today. Came from that gossipy rag known as the Associated Press (AP). The two words they used were "a clunker". Now to be fair they didn't have some very kind words to say about the original Cars either but they clearly put this installment at the bottom of the Pixar list of films (I wouldn't go that far but the original Cars was probably in the bottom third of the 11 or so films Pixar has made - I have Finding Nemo at the bottom).

And what surprised the AP critic was that Cars 2 came from none other than the Pixar grand master himself - John Lasseter famed for his Toy Stories and the mastermind behind the creative makeover of Disney California Adventure. So why the bad review? The movie looks great, especially in 3D but the story it tried to tell was literally all over the map. What makes Pixar movies so great is they always tell a simple but express it with warmth and humor, apparently these thematic elements are lacking in Cars 2.

Disney/Pixar will make a fortune off Cars 2 not because they have a great story to tell, but they have a  great product to merchandise and a new "land" to fill beginning summer 2012. Dollar signs win - art loses on this one. Sad.

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