Monday, July 18, 2011

A Blog Post About Disney Parks Blog

When I first heard that Disney was going to start its own "blog" I got kind of put off by it. After all there are many Disney fan web sites, forums, discussion boards. etc. Was Disney trying to go out and steal their fan base, their sense of Disney "community"? I was suspicious. I tend to be a bit cynical by corporate decisions because they are seldom (if ever) driven by fans or community. They are driven by a payoff to the company bottom line profit margin.

And so Disney Parks Blog began. But you know, the Disney fan websites didn't have a real problem with it. Instead of a rival or adversary, Disney Parks Blog became a partner providing valuable information and media to the fan websites. Now, if you want honest discussion of Disney, DPB isn't your place. It is entirely self-serving filled with shameless self promotion giving out every conceivable way to spend your money on something tied back to Disney. But it also gives great information, wonderful photos both current and historical, and produce some of the best Disney videos you will see. I'm a regular DPB visitor. Just enjoy and consider the source.

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