Saturday, July 2, 2011

Remember When? The DLT Rain, Wind, & Wet Video

It's approaching a hundred degrees outside on this first weekend in July, the first of five consecutive days of triple digit weather here in California's central valley. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler just told me that I need to suck it up, go out, and go to the store. When it's this hot, you need some kind of cooling diversion so I thought about these little snippets of video I had from a trip to Disneyland back in December 2009. A quick assembly job and they're off to YouTube to share.

Remember when ?

  • Rain panchos were not an option

  • The small world boats had 4 inches of standing water in the bottom of them

  • Most outdoor open air rides never opened

  • The nice lady at the old Enchanted Sweets & Treats gave me and Mrs. DisneylandTraveler a free cup of hot chocolate

  • An emergency door on Peter Pan's Flight blew open causing the ride to immediately shut down (while suspended about 20 feet in the air, it took about a half hour to have the ride checked out and power cycled back on)

  • We rode Pirates of the Caribbean in a boat that had a couple of other people - when the ride finished, me and Mrs. DisneylandTraveler went around and got right back on, this time having a boat all to ourselves

  • The wait for Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage was 7 minutes and the boat left about three quarters full

  • I finally had an excuse to go back into Innoventions (and see ASIMO for the first time)

  • By about 8:00 pm, castmembers outnumbered guests about two to one

  • Disneyland gave up and shut the place down 2 hours ahead of the scheduled closing time

  • When we went back home the next day, we couldn't use the SoCal I5 grapevine - closed due to snow

Yes....remember when it wasn't so flipping hot outside

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