Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virtual Disneyland Trip - Part 6 - Marathon Man

I already know this is going to be a long day. We've got today and tomorrow in the parks then we're heading back home. Tomorrow, I know I'll want to get a good nights rest before making the long drive home. So its all about today. I'm in it for as long as I possibly can. As the sun rises, I'm already preparing. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler may have her agenda for today, but I have one too and its going to be a long day.

We went to bed reasonably early last night even after doing laundry. The laundry facility closes at 10 so we had to get on the ball. I was sound asleep by 10:30. Today after a shower and coffee, I'm off to the races catching the shuttle at 7:30 a.m. and the Disneyland front gates by the 8:00 opening. This morning I hopped right on that train for a grand circle tour and came right back to the Main St. Station. Mrs DLT is already on her way over so I tell her to meet me at the Blue Ribbon Bakery. This morning we opted for mochas along with our baked treats. We take them over to the tables by the Coca Cola Corner and plan our day.

We're off toward Splash Mountain to get a fastpass. In July we're good with Splash Mountain. In December, we might be singing a different tune about the possibility of getting wet. It's there, no line, so we go on Winnie the Pooh, a simple colorful ride we both rather enjoy. And then its backtrack city, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean for a third time each, a second trip on the Jungle Cruise and the Mark Twain. After 5 rides, we're right on schedule to hit Splash Mountain then lunch at the Blue Bayou. The day is clicking off like clockwork.

The Blue Bayou is one of the great classic dining experiences. The food is the best in either park (overpriced as it may be) but at the BB, its all about the setting. You can try to extend your wait for a waterside table but we opt just to be seated at our reservation time. Its dark in there so the menu can be a bit of a tough read but we pretty much know what we want to order. The Blue Bayou makes the best cajun salmon I have ever had while Mrs. DLT does what she normally does and plays it safe with the chicken. Other than breaded, deep fried, and served with chips, I have never seen Mrs. DLT eat a piece of fish in the 13 years we've been married.

Lunch for 2 at the Blue Bayou will knock you back about 80 bucks after the tip. To me, its worth every penny of it. After lunch we head over to the Golden Horseshoe for another go around with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Its almost the same show we saw on Sunday but with a different day and a different audience, its a different experience - a very enjoyable 25 minutes or so. In the heat of the afternoon, we head over to the Enchanted Tiki Room to steal some of their air conditioning. After the birds do their thing, the crowd has already gathered on Main St. for the afternoon Mickey's Soundsational  Parade. We're not the type who needs to see a Disneyland Parade front and center so we watch it from the entrance of Adventureland.

After the parade, we head back over to Buzz Lightyear. Guess what, I lose again. Some day, just maybe some day, I might win. But not today. We slowly make our way toward the front gates but on the way out, we again go indoors to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Its cool in there too. The day has been a busy but productive one but we're wearing down. I ask Mrs. DLT what she wants to do for dinner but after a big lunch, we're not super hungry. I ask her if she's up for a walk over to DCA and Paradise Pier and another ka-bob at Paradise Garden Grill. She cringes a bit at the thought of the hike but suprisingly says she's up for it. We've made it this far so after dinner I ask Mrs. DLT about Toy Story Mania even though its a 45 minute wait. She says she's OK with that but is going to call it quits after our final spin on TSM.

I lose again making it 0 for 4 for me in head to head battles. We say our farewells, she heads for the shuttle and an early bed time. I'm heading for California Screamin'. Screamin' is a great coaster, the Cadillac of a smooth coaster ride, and I keep trying to convince Mrs. DLT of that but she isn't listening to any of it. She looks at that loop and thinks about "how its going to mess with my head". After Screamin' I think about how I'm going to spend the rest of my night alone in Disneyland. Might as well stop by the Karl Strauss beer truck at Pacific Wharf and ponder this over a Red Trolley Ale. I head back to toward the front stopping at Soarin's Over California for a single rider flight. Wish they would put in a new movie some day, but its still fun.

I have no plans for Disneyland other than waiting for the fireworks and the last show of Fantasmic. The rest of the time its all about sitting around, enjoying the sights, and people watching. Its been a long day but a relaxing evening (with a bit of standing here and there).  When all is said and done, its midnight before I get back to the hotel room one tired boy here.

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