Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food On A Stick

In a post back in June Corn Dogs & Other Short Takes, I gave the the thumbs up to the corn dogs served at Disneyland and DCA. Food on a stick in all its greasy glory. Now it's time for my other favorite food on a stick. On any of my visits to Disneyland, one of my must go-to places is the Bengal Bar-B-Que and its for only one thing - the bacon wrapped asparagus ordered up at the counter as the Safari Skewer.

Unlike the corn dog, asparagus is healthy for you, right? Well there is that wrapped in bacon thing. Let's just face it, anything wrapped in bacon just taste's better. Maybe that's the solution to any Disney food item that fails to sell. Slap some bacon in, on, or around it. Anyway, the Safari Skewer is one of those Disney menu treats I crave for the moment I walk in the park. Now, to be fair, the Safari Skewer isn't always good all of the time. You're really depending on the quality of the asparagus and the right amount of cooking time on the grill. At times, the asparagus can be tough and chewy and if it isn't cooked long enough, the bacon can be rather fatty and limp. Oh but when everything is just right, this is a treat to die for as they say.

I've had the chicken skewers (kind of OK). I've had the beef skewers (I've always found the beef to be shoe leather tough). Neither come close to the bacon wrapped asparagus. You can't make a meal out of this unless you want to pair it up with one of those Mickey Mouse pretzels or something but for a real great snack, this is the real deal. Most of the time. Don't forget to squeeze a little lime on it.

A few years back, the Bengal Bar-B-Que offered a Cajun sausage with onions and peppers skewer and this also was great food on a stick, but for some reason, it didn't stick around.  :-(

The new Boardwalk Garden Grill in DCA is serving up Mediterranean skewers that's getting fabulous reviews for the quality so this is one place I can't wait to try. The more food on a stick choices, the better, as they say

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