Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Story of a Mean Ol' Castmember

The little boy in the picture above is my great nephew at the Hungry Bear restaurant taken back in 2007. I think he had just turned 3 or 4 years old at the time. At some point during the trip, we stopped off at a bench near the hub to rest a bit. My great nephew asked if he could get some popcorn from the popcorn cart about 20 ft away from the bench we were sitting. The bench and the popcorn cart were in direct site of each other.

So I gave my great nephew some money and had my son walk over with him to get his box of popcorn. My great nephew gave the popcorn guy his money, got his popcorn and his change. They proceeded to walk back to the bench where we were sitting. Being a little on the short side at 3 or 4 years old, my great nephew had to hop up a bit to get on the bench. In process of hopping on the bench, his popcorn spilled. I told my son to take my great nephew back to the popcorn cart and see if the popcorn guy would refill it. The popcorn guy could plainly see the spilled box of popcorn all over the ground. They came back a minute later and said the popcorn guy told them "I'm not allowed to do that".

Now I have heard about Disneyland popcorn scammers, people who will buy popcorn, get out of view and eat it very quickly or dump it in another container only to go back and tell the popcorn castmember that they just bought it and dropped and ask for a refill. I have had people personally tell me this works. So in my case, I can see the point of the popcorn guy saying "I'm not all allowed to do that (refill a box)". He's a kid, probably his job, and just doing what he's told. But for the love a god, a little boy drops a box of popcorn in plain site and you won't give him a refill. As I said before, Disneyland castmembers are some the nicest friendliest employees anywhere. But not all of them. They took a bit of hit that day.

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