Friday, July 22, 2011

Virtual Disneyland Trip - Part 7 - The End

I'm making this all up at home and I'm still getting tired. When last we left off, I just did a marathon session of 16 hours in the parks. As the new day comes, our last day to go back into Disneyland, I know I have paid a price. I'm still up at 7 a.m. but after a quick visit to the restroom I open the hotel room door, look at the beautiful morning, and slide the Do Not Disturb tag into the key slot. I'm heading back to bed for just a little more sleep. I'm still up making coffee by 8:30 and bringing Mrs. DisneylandTraveler to life even though she probably got 3 or 4 more hours of sleep than I did.

Stiff, sore, beaten, and tired, we make to Disneyland by 11, perfect for an 11:40 lunch reservation at the Carnation Cafe, and perfect for Mrs. DLT to wander around the Emporium for a half hour while I sit outside pondering how I really need to get on the treadmill more before making these trips.

We have our lunch, of course it had to include a cup of the potato soup. Then we hop back on the train for another grand circle tour. We like grand circle tours though Mrs. DLT has a problem with the Grand Canyon / Primeval World dioramas. If you've made as many grand circle tours as we have, the dinosaurs tend to get rather tiresome. After the grand circle tour we continue on to New Orleans Square. We get an Indiana Jones fastpass, and make our last trips on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and the Mark Twain. Mrs. DLT stops off at store in Frontierland for some more browsing. We make one more trip to the Tiki room mostly for an excuse to eat pineapple ice cream. Another trip on the Jungle Cruise and we're ready for Indy. We're ready to call it quits.

We have a dinner reservation at the Cafe Orleans at 5:30. We're discussing whether we just want to blow it off but I just can't leave without having some Pommes Frites, a Disneyland food item not to be missed. We wonder around the little shops in New Orleans Square waiting for our dinner time then check in.

After dinner, we know we're through. Its been a great trip, and even though this one was imaginary, it was pretty typical though we did dine at table service restaurants a few more times than we normally would. So in the early evening we bid farewell to the "Happiest Place on Earth" but we are both to the point of exhaustion and being "happy" doesn't quite fit into the equation.

We make it back to the hotel. One final beer out of the little refrigerator and a very welcoming bed. Tomorrow, Saturday, we pack up and head for home.

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