Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virtual Disneyland Trip - Part 5 - Tired

I've slept in till almost 7 this morning on the Wednesday of this trip, the midway point of our scheduled 5 full days in the park. Today I feel father time giving a nice kick in the behind. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler is still dead to the world. I need coffee and the need to get to the Disneyland gates before opening doesn't seem so important after all. Even the walk over to the free CCI breakfast doesn't interest me. I'll grab something at the park. Tired and miserable, I'm still on the 8:30 shuttle and in the gates by 9. Mrs. DLT? Who knows?

I head for Star Tours. The line is reasonable so no fastpass. While standing in line Mrs. DLT texts me that she is getting ready. Star Tours is great - new life in a tired old attraction. Disney (and George Lucas) couldn't have done much better than this. After Star Tours, still no word from Mrs. DLT. I decide to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad. I would have gone to the Matterhorn but in the middle of July, it is closed for refurbishment.

Mrs. DLT is on her way and I tell her to meet me at the Blue Ribbon Bakery where there is always something good though Mrs. DLT prefers the fall when they have pumpkin muffins available. I'm sure we'll get by. We take our goodies and walk over to the Market House for coffee. Hard to have coffee anywhere else in the park other than the Market House. While drinking coffee and eating our baked goods we both know we are not going to make it as the day progresses. We have no dining reservations today so the plan is to go around and do some rides, get a light lunch, then head over to Downtown Disney for some store browsing (her) and concrete bench sitting (me), then go somewhere for dinner and head back to the room. With any luck at all, we'll be in by 7 p.m.

First up Space Rangers, we're off to Buzz Lightyear. Like Toy Story Mania, I lost to Mrs. DLT, but unlike TSM, it wasn't even close. I've read the cheat sheets on the internet and it still doesn't make any difference. Mrs. DLT sends our picture and scores back to her email address so she can gloat at some point. Guys I work with have their pictures and scores tacked by their nameplates on their cubicles. I hope to never see the picture or score again. After Buzz, we get on the train and head to the ToonTown station. We grab a fastpass for Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, take a short little trip around ToonTown to take some pictures then move over to small world. Again, with the weather starting to warm up, the cool small world show building, along with drifting along the water way, is welcome relief. Even the song doesn't annoy me. After the ride, we just sit down and take it easy for awhile waiting for our fastpass time to hit. We hit Roger Rabbit right at the return time. I love the ride. I often find too much effort is put into the car spinning. Take your hands off the wheel, relax. and enjoy the ride. We head back to Fantasyland to get lunch at the Village Haus which we haven't been to since its remodel last year.

Mrs. DLT is not impressed with menu but opts for a cheeseburger which is decent but nothing to write about. I try the BLT flatbread pizza which I really enjoy. Mrs. DLT is envious of my choice. Makes up for the beat down I took at Buzz Lightyear. After lunch, we do a couple of dark rides with short lines - Pinocchio and Snow White. The wait for Alice is longer but we do it anyway. "When are the going to fix up the outside of this thing" was my thinking. Well, ugly as it is, they kept Alice running. Its about 3 p.m. Mrs. DLT and I decide to head to the monorail and off to Downtown Disney. Once there we walk over the World of Disney Store. I last about 5 minutes and head for a bench outside. The cement benches with any kind of shade at all have a body on them. Oh well, at least I'm not in the store. Well that didn't last long, Mrs DLT calls and once again, wants to "show me something".  Just get it and let's figure out where we are going to have dinner. I pick Naples. "You just had pizza for lunch" was her response to my suggestion. "Where do you want to go?" I already know where. She wants to backtrack and go back to the Rainforest Cafe. She's in some kind of Rainforest Cafe Dining Club so she has a coupon for something. Too tired to make this a test of wills, we opt for the Rainforest even if it is going backwards from the sweet shuttle back to the hotel. We put our names in. Its early enough so where they can seat us in about 30 minutes.

One thing about eating in Downtown Disney compared to Disneyland and DCA, the menu is readable and actually has some choices. Mrs. DLT gets a a half rotisserie chicken and I opt for cajun pasta. The food was pretty good (as was the ice cold margarita) but really, the Rainforest Cafe is mostly for tourists. You can do better in Downtown Disney. No dessert but Mrs. DLT and I agree to split a crepe on the way out of Downtown Disney.

Yep. Back in the hotel by 7 and ready to relax. "Do you want to walk over to the laundromat with me?" I knew it was coming. There's still beer in the little refrigerator.

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