Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bad Mood Rising

I woke up this morning kind of in an irritable mood - work stuff from yesterday, family stuff from last night, none of it has led to a start of a great weekend. Mrs. DisineylandTraveler made me watch the movie Despicable Me last night. No, it's not a Disney movie but it should have been. Disney could have made a fortune off The Minions and Fluffy Unicorns. Anyway, if you're in a bad mood, watching Despicable Me helps. But it doesn't cure a bad mood so on this Saturday morning, I'm still pretty irritable but its also my "quiet" time where I can work on this blog for a little while or until the dog gets out of bed. So here I sit in a little bit of a bad mood vs. writing about Disneyland - the self proclaimed "Happiest Place on Earth".

What's the perfect way to kick off the blog for today than to write about the things while visiting Disneyland that can put me in a bad mood in the "Happiest Place on Earth". I explored this topic in a previous blog entry The Happiest Place on Earth??? (Part 1). This is kind of a continuation of that topic - Part 2 as they say. What can put you in a bad mood while visiting Disneyland?

Sun and Heat:  This time of year, walking around the park being beaten down by the sun and the heat (not to mention the poor air quality) is rough. You start off like gangbusters in the morning but once the heat begins to take its toll, a good mood can deteriorate quickly.

Agendas: The more people that are in your group (visiting Disneyland in groups is a topic for a future blog entry) the more people have their own agendas of where they want to go and what the want to do. Sometimes agendas collide when strong willed personalities each feel they have the best of idea of what to do next and neither idea is anywhere close to the other. You get irritated, they get irritated. Adult people begin to stomp and pout like 7 year olds.

Rudeness:  This gets brought up a lot in Disney forums and discussion boards but if you are someone who is easily offended by rudeness in others, then Disneyland may not be your place because you see it everywhere. If you let rudeness in other contribute to your own attitude, then a bad attitude is just around the bend.

Getting Tired:  A very wise minister once said "Never make any major decisions when you are too hungry, too lonely, or too tired".  There's a lot of wisdom there. Getting tired at Disneyland contributes to a bad mood probably quicker than anything and it also leads to bad decisions - picking the wrong place to eat just because its the closest or buying something "just so we can get it and get out of here". Rest, rest is important to keeping a clear mind and away from a bad attitude.

Aches & Pains:  When the body begins to break down, so does the mind. I keep trying to tell Mrs. DLT that every time she forces me on Indiana Jones when I don't feel like it. It's hard on my back and when the back starts to hurt, enjoyment is gone and your park visit becomes a painful grind. Then there is the sore feet, the aching knees, and the sense that we're not as young as we used to be - painful and a little sad.

Well that's enough about getting in a bad mood at Disneyland for now. I need to go get that little dog up and out of bed so she can annoy the crap out of me (then sit on my lap and rub her soft fur against my soulless heart).

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