Saturday, August 20, 2011

D23 Expo Day 1 - Random Takes From A Distance

I'm not at the D23 Expo being several hundred miles away, but thanks to the miracles of the internet and twitter, I was pretty much able to follow the goings on from the convention floor from the various Disney websites and their reporters giving all the details complete with pictures.  I'm not a D23 fan but I kind of wish I were there because, while there was a lot of reporting of disappointment compared to the previous Expo in 2009, overall it seems like a fun event (if you like to stand in long lines).

No Bob Iger.  The CEO of Disney gave his opening remarks by video as he decided this was a perfect time to take his family on a vacation (i.e."I'm an important guy and something like a convention for Disney fans just doesn't fit my schedule").....Tom Staggs, Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, was there and looked quite comfortable in his presentations.....And yes, he was introduced by the talking Mickey just as he was when WOC premiered.....People like Tom.....they weren't really sure if they liked the things he and others talked about when they gave the overview of the Parks and Resorts.

There was no groundbreaking news.....just updates to projects in the works or in progress.....all of them were well known......For Disneyland, they are expanding Fantasyland into the Carnation Pavillions area and setting up a new Fantasy Faire (by day - at night, it will be continue to be used by private groups) you get a little extra theming in kind of a dead announcements about new Tomorrowland or Frontierland projects were made to great disappointment......nothing even remotely resembling the line of stormtroopers that came out to announce the new Star Tours in 2009.....more updates on the WDW MK Fantasyland expansion, the Aulani Resort in Hawaii, and Shanghai Disneyland.....who cares, not me......And more updates on Carsland but nothing new.....

They had the presentation of this year's class of Disney Legends......when Regis Philbin is the most recognizable name (living), not a very good year......except for the Disney Legend designation for the late Jim Henson with his family on hand and Kermit to sing Rainbow Connection......Now there's a legend.

Apparently everything under the sun was up for sale and what was a convention has partially morphed into shopping mall - the part of D23 I loathe.....I would have liked to have seen the Disney archives collection as there is something special about seeing a costume or prop you remember from a movie being a few inches in front of you......

Anyway, apparently today's D23 Event is sold out as the highlight of the day will be what Hollywood celebrity types come out to show their faces to the crowd as part of the Walt Disney Films presentation.....I'm betting Robert Downy Jr. will be today's biggest if he would only show up in a full Iron Man suit.

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