Monday, August 1, 2011

A Blogger's Month in Review - July

Well it's August 1st - the dog days of summer as the saying goes. In July, there were 468 viewers of this blog (up about a hundred from June's 363 views). I don't know who you are in most cases but a sincere 'thank you' from The Disneyland Traveler. We covered a lot of topics, some serious, most of them not, but its all meant in a spirit of good fun that's what Disneyland is all about.

There are 31 days in July but somehow I found the time to write 41 blog entries. My shrub and tree trimming in the yard suffer because of it. I keep a little spreadsheet where I jot down Disney blog subjects. More things get added than I have time to write about so there is a whole vault of topics on my blogging agenda. I don't know if I can top 41 or even know if I want to try but The Disneyland Traveler moves on.

In August we have the D23 Expo coming up and that particular subject is a blogger's paradise because it is semi-controversial with strong opinions on both sides of Disney's D23 Membership. I know that will continue to get explored. So as the dog days of summer wind down, the Disneyland Traveler is just getting started. Welcome to August 2011.

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