Friday, August 19, 2011

Monsters Inc. and the Creepy Superstar Limo

I subscripe to the Disneyland Twitter feed that sends tweets to my smartphone. The wonders of technology. So Disneyland probably sends out a dozen tweets a day most of them I delete within two seconds of reading them because they are so trivial. Yesterday morning, they sent out a tweet asking (paraphrased because I deleted it) "What's your favorite thing about Monster Inc. in Disney California Adventure?", It took me about four seconds to delete this one because I had to pause and smile for a second or two because the answer is "Because there's no line". If you have to wait more than 5 minutes to get on Monsters Inc then well, the park must be packed that day because you can mostly just walk on. Heck, if you want a car to yourself, they'd probably give it to you. A Disney ride with no line - that's the best thing about Monsters Inc.

Now to be fair, I've probably ridden the thing a dozen times and sometimes I find it quite enjoyable, other times it seems like a time killer waiting to something better. Sometimes you ride it just because its there. Now for a dark ride, its huge compared to Disneyland counterparts in Fantasyland and Pooh - big show building, nice length but whether I really enjoy it or not may just come down to what kind of mood I am in at the time the car takes off. For better or worse, its just something to do.

Oddly enough, I have the same reaction to Monsters Inc. the Movie. I've seen it about four times and sometimes I like it better than others. It all comes down to the mood I am in. But to be fair, the Monsters Inc. ride has to be a hundred better than the buildings previous tennant the ill-fated, much hated, Superstar Limo. I never rode Superstar Limo in Disney California Adventure because, Disney park management pulled the plug on it very quickly after all the negative things that were being said and written about a mad dash from the L.A. Airport to Hollywood. It opened in February 2001 and by the time I made my first trip to Disney California Adventure in October 2002, the ride had already been shut down several months. Luckily, for those who want to experience the shear creepiness of Superstar Limo, there are ride-throughs on YouTube like the one below. Have fun....sweet dreams....

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