Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lord Vader, Disney, & Other Short Takes

This Short Takes edition starts off with the great Blue Sky Disney Blog speculating that if George Lucas is finished making Star Wars movies, would he sell the characters to Disney? What I fabulous idea. Star Tours is now easily the most popular attraction in Disneyland and will be for some time to come. It seems like the time would be right.....but it's going to cost......

As usual, Disney did well when it announced its quarterly profits last week. Its greatest strength, once again is ESPN......the shakiest part of the company - films......The Disney Channel always does well with profits but I have yet to see Phineas  & Ferb (or Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, or High School Musical).....I have no interest in any of it.....sorry.

The best announcement that could come out of this year's D23 Expo? - confirming the rampant rumor that Innoventions would be turned into the Stark Expo.....if I were to attend this year's Expo, where would I like to be? - maybe the first aid station after traditional die-hard Disney fans find out just how big Marvel is going to be going forward.

Did I read somewhere that next year's John Carter on Mars is approaching the 300 million dollar mark with its budget?.....Wow! about sticking your corporate neck we know one of the reasons the 250 million dollar Lone Ranger got canned by Disney.

Back to the parks, I wrote about Food On A Stick back in early July, I neglected to mention the best food on a stick to walk around with on a hot day - the chocolate covered might even be just a little bit good for you.....never quite got the appeal of the Mickey ice cream bar, then again, I tend to be lactose intolerant.....the new entrance to DCA will now direct you to the backside of the Soarin' Over California show building.....welcome to the Magic......speaking of show buildings, I never gave it much thought but the show building for the Finding Nemo subs is beneath a portion of the Autopia......also, I had know idea that there was a live cockatoo in a cage above the entrance to the Jungle Cruise....the things you learn.....

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